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Work Exeprience

Work Exeprience

1-3-2015 Official Spokesman of Ministry of Health and Minister of Health advisor 

1-12-2014 Head of Otorhinolaryngology Department Helwan University

28-7-2011 Proffoser of Hearing & Balance Disorders Faculty of Medicine Fayoum University

13-3-2008 Director General of Fayoum University Hospitals

8-7-2006 Acting Head of ENT department Faculty of Medicine Fayoum University

8-6-2006 ASSITANT Proffesor of Hearing and Balance diorders

1-8-2005 Head of Hearing & Balance Unit Kaser Alani Faculty of Medicine Fayoum Branch

1-2-2003-1-8-2005 Head of Audiology Department Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (730 bed) the duties of this position includes:

1-Supervising & performing the neonatal hearing screening program by OAEs

2-Supervising & working in the Hearing loss & tinnitus clinic 4Hrs/day ,6days/week ( examination ,evaluation and management of all patients complaining from hearing loss and or tinnitus )

3-Supervising and working in the vertigo clinic 4Hrs./day ,6dayslweek (examination and management of patients complaining from vestibular dizziness examination includes performing ENG & VNG testing) 4-Emegency room on call for all patients complaining from vestibular dizziness

5- In patient admission for patients complaining from severe vertigo and sudden onset sensory neural hearing loss 2002-2003 Own & Run my private clinic 5 Kaser Alani street Cairo-

Egypt 4Hrs/ 5 days /week the includes:

1-Performing basic Audiological evaluation (PTA. Speech Audiometry & Acoustic admittance)

2-Performing Auditory Brainstem Audiometry (ABR)

3-Performing Vestibular test Battery mainly VNG 2001-1-2003 Lecture of Audiology Faculty of Medicine Cairo University the job duties including all the above with additional:

1-Teaching the postgraduate candidates for M.Sc degree of Audiology 8 candidates

2-Teaching the candidates for MD degree of Audiology 4 candidates

3-Teaching & Supervising the department resident doctors and assistant lecturers 9 persons

4-Member of the Cochlear implant team (selection of candidates ,intraoperative monitoring ,Tuning of Neuclus 22 & 24)

5-Member of the vestibular lab team our vestibular lab contains (ENG/VNG, Rotary Chair & Computerized dynamic posturography)

6-Responsible for the Private Out patient Clinic in Cairo University New teaching hospital 1998-2001 Assistance lecturer of Audiology faculty of Medicine Cairo University the job duties includes:

1-Performing al the Auditory Evoked potentials (Early, Middle & late)

2-Performing the Event related Potentials P300

3-Performing hearing aid selection ,fitting ,programming & Verification

4-Performing Facial nerve study (ENoG & Maximum Excitability test) 1996-1998 Resident of Audiology faculty of Medicine Cairo University the job duties includes:

1-Performing basic Audiological test battery (PTA, Speech and tympanometry

2-Hearing aid selection and fitting (mainly analogue )

3-Performing special test battery (Tone & reflex decay, SISI, STAT, &ABLB) 1993-1996 Resident of Audiology Hearing and Speech institute Imbaba Giza

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